Pizza Hut’s quick response to support customers and keep them coming together

Countless brands have been spouting the stay safe, #stayhome message, but no one has been offering real and relevant information on how their brand is able to help during these trying times. We not only to show our support for the global Stay Safe, #Stayhome message, but show how we’re doing our part by still delivering pizza – just as delicious, safer than ever.

The next challenge was Ramadan. A time when large groups of families & friends come together under one roof will be indefinitely different during citywide curfews and lockdowns. Therefore we needed to find a way to bring people together in a time when everyone is forced to be apart.

Our idea was a new and relevant option for ordering your Ramadan Feast meal, Pizza Hut will now give the option to split the feast in half and deliver to two different locations at the very same time.

A QR Code printed on the boxes linked both customers together via a video conference app so that both parties could enjoy their Iftar meal together.

All while staying in the safety of their own homes.