Creatively and commercially, our business is only as strong as our people.

We believe nurturing the most eclectic and diverse teams of people, and giving them freedom and responsibility – is the best way, the right way, of attracting talent and meeting our clients' needs.

What's important to our people is important to us, and we know that change has to start within.

That's why we've focused our commitments on our people – and our planet.

Our commitment to our people

Our vision is to be 'a company that values difference, with an inclusive culture brought to life through equity, enabling us to achieve our goals'

We believe that to create meaningful change for our clients and the world, we must navigate it internally. This ensures that we stay relevant to – and reflective of – our world and the societies we serve.

Through our vision, actions, and culture, we celebrate the lived experiences of individuals from diverse backgrounds and protected characteristic groups who are underrepresented and potentially marginalised in the workplace. We champion difference by creating a culture rooted in equity, where treating people fairly means they are treated differently, based on individual need.

We are building a fair and equitable organisation, reflecting the global markets in which we operate placing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, (DEI), at the heart of how we plan and operate. But through action, not just words, we will continue to use our cultural influence to act as leaders, allies and advocates for change. And we will continue to shape our business to reflect the diversity of the world we live and operate in.


Change In Action

We joined forces with our friend and collaborator Akil Benjamin, to give back to communities across our Group's worldwide markets.

Together, we work to give people the business basics they need to progress forward in their venture or career journey with confidence, allowing them to do more and make change.

Our commitment to our planet

We make meaningful change not only for our clients, but for our planet.

We are committed to operating as a responsible business and place environmental sustainability at the heart of what we do.

While we continue to evolve our initiatives within the local communities we operate, everything we do is guided by our four commitments:

  1. Reducing the operational impact of our business on the environment
  2. Applying socially responsible procurement policies with anyone we work with or for
  3. Advising and supporting our clients in making meaningful change to enhance their social and environmental impacts wherever we can
  4. Promoting transparency, integrity and ethics in all areas of our business

To ensure we’re operating as a responsible business and continuing to develop our efforts, we’ve formed a global CSR Committee which draws together leaders from across our Group and in communities.

Chaired by Lisa Gordon, Senior Non Executive plc Board Member, we’ll produce an annual sustainability report charting our progress. This will be published alongside our Annual Report.