The Next Generation

5 ways to keep your brand alive and kicking.

The year is 2030. 

We are starting to poke our heads out of a long, hard, global recession. It’s been a tough decade. Yet the world has changed at breakneck speed. Driverless cars are becoming mainstream. AI is dominant in most people’s lives. India is the world’s second biggest economy. Everyone owns a VR headset. For continuity, the Simpsons is, probably, still running.

Gen Z are now adults with children of their own and Gen A have become the focal point for marketers trying to attract the youth. It’s only been 8 years, but from politics to culture to economics to marketing - so much has changed.

Where is your brand in all of this? Is it still working out how to WAP2, or is it thriving in the new world of technology and media? Is it part of the past, or part of the zeitgeist?

As we head into times of turmoil, making sure your brand is ahead of the curve for the inevitable wind changes in cultural and marketing is essential. The temptation will be to entirely focus on short-term wins. Whilst important in the current climate, real growth is never achieved through short-termism. And small wins now can be big wins later.

The following guide, developed by M&C Saatchi Group and Chloe Combi, Gen Z expert, gives you tips and pointers on the emerging trends that brands can use to stay relevant and ride the choppy waves to come. To read more download here.