March 2023

Prayer & Pragmatism

How does Indonesia's Gen Z balance traditional values with new forms of expression during Ramadan?

The joy of a physical Ramadan, after three years of restrictions, is palpable across Indonesia. Despite inflationary pressures, families are making plans for mudik, loosening their wallets even as they remain mindful, and are ready to leverage technology for their faith.  

Against that backdrop, our team in Indonesia dives into the excitement of the Ramadan build-up, for the fourth consecutive year.

This year, we take a close look at Gen Z. For a generation of Muslim Gen Zers, Ramadan is important as they use it to embed habits that are true to the enlightened values of their religion— empathy, spirituality and kindness. Starting young, it helps to ingrain these habits and values as the ones they keep for life.

In 2023, the Gen Z experience of Ramadan is augmented by their connectedness to each other through the virtual world. It’s a feeling for a community spirit through the extended online Muslim population that includes close affinity to 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide.  

Our 47-page report provides valuable tips to marketers and technology creators to fan the optimism, leverage passion points and social norms - all in the context of Ramadan traditions and behaviours.

Click here to download the report.

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