European Leads from M&C Saatchi Group


April 2023

M&C Saatchi Group Strengthens European Client Solutions Platform

M&C Saatchi Group strengthens European client solutions platform with newly appointed European CEO, additional specialist hubs within global and social issues, brand experience & innovation and passion marketing as well as new collaboration spaces across the region.

M&C Saatchi has launched a new European client platform that recognises the unique cultural diversity across greater Europe. In the next step of the ‘Moving Forward’ strategy outlined at Capital Markets Day in February, M&C Saatchi EU is born to support clients with growth across European borders in an agile and connected way.

Rather than a traditional location-based approach which has high costs and limited flexibility, the European client solution platform is built with talent and capabilities and a number of open collaboration houses for creatives, teams and clients across the region.

Clients across Europe can build their own package of creative solutions that include Media, Sustainability, CRM, PR, Social & Talent management as well as Data, Technology and Digital Transformation, instead of buying an entire monolithic agency.

To enhance M&C Saatchi’s European offer, the creative solutions company launches additional specialist hubs to serve Greater Europe including:

A global social and issues hub in Brussels helping brands tackle some of the world’s most critical issues.

A brand and experience hub in Stockholm to design brands and create experiences that connect across the digital landscape.

A strategy hub based in Milan, to provide brands with a top-level consultancy service and work alongside teams in defining winning marketing and communication strategies.

Expansion of the passion marketing hub in Berlin, that deeply connects brands to consumers through their passions. Today sees the launch of their lifestyle and event collaboration house in Mitte.

M&C Saatchi Group in Europe will be led by newly appointed European CEO, Carlo Noseda who has led the Milan office since 2010 and will serve as the European HQ. Noseda will work closely with Wendy Dixon, Chief Growth Officer, and Justin Graham, Head of Advertising Network.

Carlo Noseda, CEO of M&C Saatchi Europe: “M&C SAATCHI EU is an open-source platform. A new operating model designed to offer clients all the competences and expertise of our specialties in a more synergetic and effective way. A “store” for all our creative solutions created to answer the most diverse questions of any business. And Europe is just the perfect place to do so. Thanks to all our beautiful diversities that become an unlimited source of inspiration when we play as one.”

Moray MacLennan, CEO of M&C Saatchi: “Carlo embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of M&C Saatchi. Having built M&C Saatchi Milano with his partners from scratch to be one of the most respected agencies on the continent, he is perfectly placed to supercharge our unique creative solutions offering for clients across Europe.”