EDF: Generation Electric

Blue text is printed over a city in the background. Text reads ' Generation Electric: Everyone's Welcome'

While energy companies are often associated with damaging the environment, EDF Energy is different. As the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity, they are the greener alternative for the environmentally conscious consumer, and M&C Saatchi Performance and EDF together needed to find a way to educate their audience of this.

  • Boosted the EDF brand

    We achieved a 4% overall uplift in brand awareness, and an 8% uplift in London.

  • Tracked a transformation

    Brand uplift hit 5% on TV, 6% on Radio, and 9% on Display.

  • Attracted a new audience

    The overall engagement rate reached 46% across all the channels.

Going Electric

We launched EDF’s ‘Generation Electric’ campaign, encouraging the country to take up electric vehicles, and change how they thought about energy. Using a digital-first campaign, we hit our core audience across TV, programmatic display, out-of-home (OOH), video, audio, press, and social.

Switching on digital

Shifting budgets from traditional channels to digital, particularly for a brand campaign, can prove challenging. We showed EDF that digital could provide an effective, measurable, strategy that could reach a specific audience at scale.

Challenging misconceptions that digital channels are exclusively bottom-line results, we showed EDF an opportunity for so much more. By identifying, understanding, and resonating with the right audience in the right place, we were able to transform perceptions of the EDF brand.

Powering perceptions

Reaching those with an environmental conscious on their commutes, in their newspapers, and on their social channels, we created an impactful campaign that drove brand awareness. In fact, despite diversify away from the traditional channels, this EDF’s most successful brand campaign in five years.