Experience Oman: A gift for life

Destination M&C Saatchi launches ‘A Gift for Life’ for Experience Oman.

    Experience Oman wanted to increase awareness of the beauty and diverse offering of Oman. Working with Visit Oman, The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, OMRAN, Oman Air and Oman Airports their brief was to position the sultanate as a must-visit destination for tourists in Europe, the GCC and India.

    Our research into Oman defined it as a place where you truly feel at one with the world. It offers an abundance and diversity of cultures, environments, experiences, nature and wildlife; alongside an outlook and values that are optimistic and life-affirming.

    For visitors, this is something they experience from the moment they arrive in the country, and it’s something that stays with them after they leave – feelings of wonder, exhilaration, discovery and harmony.  These four elements of Oman formed the basis of our audience pillars, which were then mapped to audience segments across our key markets: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia & India.


    The creative approach through the overarching campaign idea ‘A Gift For Life’, was to showcase the breadth of offerings in Oman. This was done through pairing footage that spoke to different pillars and overlaying a social-first hand drawn graphic animation which brought to life the depth of the connection that visitors feel with what they experience in Oman.

    Our global performance marketing agency, M&C Saatchi Performance, then carefully targeted the creative to the market that would resonate most with the itinerary featured – from sailing in the Dimaniyat Islands to the sunrise hot air balloon at Wahabi Sands – each featuring influencer talent carefully selected to maximise reach through our partners The Good Egg.


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