FȲTA: The high-performance plant-protein powder

Re (M&C Saatchi Group), Fluency (M&C Saatchi Group) and M&C Saatchi Life have collaborated to build an end-end insight-led brand experience that captures the essence of FYTA - a high-performance plant-protein powder from the creators of The Game Changers Netflix documentary.

    FȲTA is a breakout startup on a mission to bring the inherent power of plant nutrition to as many people as possible. It’s born from The Game Changers, a groundbreaking Netflix documentary that toppled widely held assumptions about plant-based diets.

    Customer insights combined with the founders' purpose led us to a single brand idea: The power to reach your best. Grounded in the purpose of protecting and promoting the health of people and the planet, through effective and sustainable products. It’s nutrition with all the gains and none of the losses.



    Re’s Executive Creative Director Darren Bowles explains: “coming from an elite sports background, I’ve always been very tuned into nutrition and trying to understand what I should be eating to ensure I’m looking after myself and making a positive difference. Having the opportunity to combine my passions of sports performance, nutrition and brand design for FȲTA has been a rewarding and exciting journey. As with a growing number of people, I’ve also consciously cut back on my meat intake and increased plant-based protein as a source of nutrition. This project gave me a detailed insight into the theory and proof points, and selfishly, provided me with a brilliant new product to buy.”

    M&C Saatchi Life’s Managing Director Tom Firth adds “The Game Changers was a cultural phenomenon that inspired millions of people to radically reconsider their views about meat and explore the power of a plant based diet; for performance, health and the planet. So working with James and his team on the development of a mission driven consumer brand was a dream brief. FYTA is an outstanding example of a business bringing commercial, sustainability and marketing strategy together to deliver positive impact. They are changing the game” 

    James Wilks (Founder of FȲTA and Co-Founder and Producer of The Game Changers documentary) goes onto explain"We thoroughly enjoyed working with Re and the team at M&C Saatchi Group. Their thoughtful process and ability to truly listen to our vision and goals were invaluable. They skillfully married intuition, creativity, and insights to guide our team in developing a unique brand framework, visual identity, and tone of voice. Their expertise and dedication resulted in a brand that perfectly captures the essence of FȲTA, and we couldn't be happier with the results. M&C Saatchi Group's commitment to excellence and their ability to bring our vision to life make them the perfect partner for any design and branding project."

    FȲTA launched on the 22nd June in California. To read more on this integrated M&C Saatchi Group project, go to: Re