Optus: The power of Yes

Colourful collage of 'Yes' branding, with the logo interwoven with a number of different images, ranging from Usain Bolt running to a mobile phone.

It’s 2020. Streaming is second nature. 5G is everywhere. Supermarkets are selling their own SIMs. Yet in this new world, people were starting to see telcos as the ‘pipe’ that carries content for other players, and Optus saw its brand consideration flatlining and was struggling to connect with new customers. They needed to reposition themselves to meet the needs of the Netflix generation.

  • Australia’s strongest brand

    Optus was recognised as Australia’s strongest brand by Brand Finance in 2019

  • Long-term

    Optus and Re have successfully partnered for 7 years (and counting)

Amplifying Yes

It was up to Re Sydney, with the support of M&C Saatchi Sydney and M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment Sydney, to create a brand fit for this bold new world and bring it to life. ‘Yes’ has been an enduring part of the Optus brand since the 90s, but over time it had lost meaning.

By decoupling ‘Yes’ from the Optus logo, a standalone mark was created that represents the voice of the customer and amplifies the feeling of the brand. Free, playful and expressive. Our specialist Sport & Entertainment team then bought the power of Yes to life through Optus’ sponsorship of the Commonwealth Games, showcasing their connectivity and innovation credentials through VR activation.

Transformation from the inside out

It was vital that Optus’ people were brought along on this major shift in business strategy. Through brand workshops, internal communications and environmental activations on the expansive Optus campus, Re worked to educate and inspire Optus staff and partners, bringing to life ‘Yes’ across every facet of the organisation.

More than a telco

Re has partnered with Optus, Australia’s second largest network provider, for over seven years. In that time their world has become more competitive and complex. That’s why we were so proud that Optus was named as the strongest brand in Australia by Brand Finance in 2019.