Pokémon: Going for Growth

A pokemon character called 'Empoleon' is pictured, mid-action. Text reads 'Pokemon Go - Trainer Battles Are Here!'

Pokémon is potentially the world’s most well-known gaming franchise. And Pokémon Go is one of the leading augmented reality mobile games globally. Without having access to attribution data in the absence of an MMP (Mobile Measurement Partner), they asked M&C Saatchi Performance to develop a full-funnel campaign to drive uplifts in new and active users. It was a battle we were up for.

  • 25%

    Improvement in cost per install

  • 51%

    Increase in new accounts

  • 5%

    Increase in daily active users

Going for growth

To tackle data visibility, we analysed a proxy performance indicator to benchmark and show results. This meant up weighting the campaign on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where tracking through app install was possible. These results were then applied to other channels as the campaign scaled up.

To deliver campaign goals our tactics were; running A/B video testing to gather clean results, utilizing technology to drive scale via Digital Out Of Home and Connected TV, and finally targeting users with interests in VR and Player vs Player gaming across social channels.

Delivering digitally

Running A/B video testing on Instagram where there was less clutter showed shorter video length had more impact, with 6 and 10 second videos delivering more installs through higher Clickthrough Rate than the longer formats. The learnings derived from Instagram were then applied to other channels.

DOOH ads were delivered in key locations such as shopping malls and sports venues where target audiences were spending time. This captured new audiences who were then retargeted to drive them down the funnel leading to new installs.

Reaching a highly relevant audience of cord-cutters was achievable through Connected TV, with the campaign optimised to key zip codes and time of day/day of week.

Gotta catch em all

The results saw a power-up in new users on the Pokemon Go app, as well as significant strides taken forward in reducing the cost per install and daily active users of the app.