ROLUS®: Innovating Hydration

Introducing ROLUS®, The Sparkling Hydration Beverage Redefining Consumer Expectations.

    Together with a renowned legacy drinks company, we have announced the launch of ROLUS®, a pioneering sparkling hydration drink, poised to make waves across the beverage industry in a world fixated with hydration.

    Leveraging the collective expertise of our agency teams—M&C Saatchi One-to-One, M&C Saatchi Performance, and Re Design—we have spearheaded an end-to-end branding and e-commerce marketing initiative to support the launch of ROLUS®. This brand-new beverage marks a significant milestone in innovation, meeting the evolving demands of health-conscious, 'hybrid-drinker' consumers.

    Not just another addition to the market; Rolus Beverages, Inc. represents a revolutionary approach to hydration. It is a fusion of innovation and tradition, offering consumers a premium sparkling hydration beverage crafted by a team of doctors, dietitians, wellness gurus, and flavor specialists with a focus on electrolytes and adaptogens to keep consumers hydrated. ROLUS® is alcohol free, sugar free, gluten free, caffeine free and only 5 calories. 

    Rolus Beverages, Inc. Founder, Carl Nolet III, offers some insight into the development of its unique positioning – “ROLUS® is an innovation that will be a defining product for my family business, but most importantly, for our customers. We understand that consumers are looking for better non-alcoholic options during the same occasions they would consider enjoying their favorite spirit drink. ROLUS® is about unifying the drinking occasion with a beverage that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed. We made sure that ROLUS® offers a unique and refreshing flavor profile that will hydrate you along the way. Sip it. Mix it. Don’t overthink it.” 


    With a quality beverage in production, our challenge was to ensure ROLUS® could compete in the ever-crowded beverage category. Where competitors in this space own infrequent occasions that capture the 'sober curious' audience, ROLUS®, supported by its versatility, ingredients and socially unifying properties shows up across repeatable moments. It serves as essential hydration post workout or as a mixer throughout the day and night. ROLUS® caters to the adventure seeking hybrid-drinker and rewards them for their refined taste.

    With a focus on delivering a seamless brand experience, our multidisciplinary teams have worked in tandem to bring ROLUS® to life. Re Design developed a captivating brand world centered around the NEVER STILL brand platform, which speaks to both the sparkling nature of the beverage but also the active lifestyle of the consumer who is always on the move. M&C Saatchi One-to-One was instrumental in launching Club ROLUS®, a loyalty program that will offer ‘social connectors’ a flexible and unique loyalty experience that drives repeat purchase and connects them to relevant rewards and experiences, supporting a balanced and hydrated lifestyle. Furthermore, the social strategy is the embodiment of the NEVER STILL lifestyle; curious, confident, and flowing throughout daily and cultural moments, allowing ROLUS® to inspire and spark deeper connections with the community and educate consumers about the product benefits and a hydrated lifestyle. The holistic approach extends to other areas within the Group including the delivery of targeted paid media campaigns and influencer strategies lead by M&C Saatchi Performance, as well as an e-commerce website built around the modern consumer. 


    Rolus Beverages, Inc. marketing director, Jason Bowden, has played a pivotal role in the launch and was impressed with his experience working with the M&C Saatchi Group. “M&C Saatchi has demonstrated an innate understanding of our needs and industry from the very beginning, translating our vision into a reality that resonates with our target audience and internal stakeholders. They have displayed an exceptional level of creativity, expertise, and dedication throughout every phase of our partnership. The seamless integration of their talents across various aspects has far exceeded our expectations.”

    Zillah Byng-Thorne, our executive chair at M&C Saatchi, shared thoughts on succeeding through collaboration, “Working with Rolus Beverages, Inc. has been a proud moment for the entire M&C Saatchi Group. This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration across our diverse talents, showcasing our ability to seamlessly integrate creativity, strategy, customer loyalty, data, and execution. We are thrilled to have played a part on ROLUS®’s journey and look forward to continued success together.”

    ROLUS® will be exclusively available for purchase through its website, providing consumers with a convenient and accessible way to enjoy the product. With the support of the M&C Saatchi Group, ROLUS® is well-positioned to make a splash in the competitive DTC market and carve out a niche as a leading player in the beverage industry. 


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