Amazon & The Climate Pledge: What’s your vision for a better future?

Helping Amazon & The Climate Pledge Drive Collaboration for the Planet

    Unlike the digital transformation agenda, corporations are facing similar organisational & operational challenges with climate action and sustainability. No company in the world can claim that they have it all figured out. Climate action is going to be an on-going process of collaboration, inter-corporation learning & support.

    Our team in Singapore helped to create an awareness campaign in APAC to start that conversation. Working with Amazon and The Climate Pledge (TCP), we helped put collaboration on sustainability in APAC centre stage in 'The Future We Must Create' campaign for COP27.

    The campaign focuses on how cross-sector collaboration in sustainability is crucial to a better future. It features leading organisations from Japan, India and Australia, emphasising their commitment to The Climate Pledge, and their various efforts in making a net-zero world possible. 

    Through a series of videos, commissioned artwork inspired by each signatory’s vision, and other digital collaterals, we highlighted the signatories' impact on their industries and communities, and the urgency for carbon neutrality.

    By drawing awareness to the need for greater collaboration in sustainability, Amazon hopes to spur and inspire more cross-sector initiatives and innovation for the most pressing cause of our time.

    What’s your vision for a better future?