TikTok: What makes you Tic?

TikTok logo on a black background.

TikTok is the fastest growing social app in South Africa and despite the platform taking the country by storm during 2020’s COVID lockdown, the company needed to drive more South Africans to download the app. The problem? While many have heard of the platform, there was still an impression that it was exclusively for the younger generation who engage with lip-syncing and dancing. We needed to show TikTok was much more than that.

  • Uptiking results

    In just two weeks the campaign drove over 1 million views and over 100,000 new users

Creating curiosity

So M&C Saatchi Abel created a campaign to educate the wider audience of the platform’s appeal and show that whatever makes you tick, TikTok has it all. We answered the brief with one simple thought: make people curious. Encapsulated in one powerful line: What makes you Tic? To bring this to life the team took a variety of interests with the word ‘-tic’ in them (romantic, artistic, cinematic, exotic, aesthetic), created a hot script and paired each word with visually diverse videos from TikTok.

Creative and effective

Though TikTok was already expanding in RSA, we helped them accelerate general growth and target audiences the platform had previously struggled to reach. We ran the campaign across TV, but also on other social apps such as Facebook and Instagram, taking tens of thousands of consumers from our competitors pockets. Creative Circle loved it so much they gave us an award for best campaign of June 2020.

Keep the number ticking

In just two weeks the campaign drove over 1 million views and over 100,000 new users.