Together: Building a moment for national cohesion

A whiteposter with colourful text reading 'Thank You' written with a pencil. In the background is images of NHS workers and people with their own Thank You drawings.

In a time of uncertainty and division, from Brexit to regional, cultural and demographic divisions, we needed to bring people together and help bridge divides, building a kinder, closer, and more connected society.

  • Thank you/Together

    ICM Polling showed the event had 68% awareness, with 14m participants

  • Talk /together

    150,000 participants between July 2020 and January 2021

  • Sharing Christmas /together

    The Royal Voluntary Service recorded a 70% increase in volunteer calls versus the previous month.

Bringing people /Together


M&C Saatchi World Services conducted extensive consultation throughout the UK to understand the issues uniting and dividing people. While people felt it was ok to disagree, there was a desire to differ with respect, and find more of the things that help bring us together despite our differences. The team at M&C Saatchi World Services created the name /together and visual identity, showing how everyone can join the initiative, which brings all of us closer together.

Keeping Momentum


The team at M&C Saatchi World Services has helped /together with all its key activities since launch. This included:

Thank You /together, Sunday 5th July 2020 – Launching /together in the midst of the pandemic by bringing 14 million people together to mark the NHS’s birthday and say a huge thank you to everyone who helped get us through the first phase of the crisis – together. We helped partner with the NHS and outreach to hundreds of civil society organisations, voluntary groups, local and national government to drive awareness and participation using #ThankYouTogether. Landmarks across the country. Including 10 Downing St and Windsor Castle were lit blue the night before, and on the day, ITV and BBC carried the moment live as the Prime Minister led the nation in a national round of applause. Momentum for the event was built on social media, with participants as diverse as Captain Tom Moore, David Beckham, Rita Ora, and HRH The Prince of Wales showing their support.

Talk /together, the UK’s biggest ever survey about what unites us and divides us - To help build the /together Initiative’s program over the next 10 years, we partnered with British Futures to help undertake the biggest ever survey about what divides and unites us. The report, “Our chance to Reconnect” was launched on 1st March 2021 to policymakers and key stakeholders, and provides strong evidence-based support for the /together initiatives' future activity and recommendations.

Let’s Share Christmas /together - With millions facing Christmas alone, the /together initiative partnered with the Royal Voluntary Society to call on people to “give someone a bell this Christmas”. The campaign was picked up by the Sun as their winter campaign, and supported by figures as diverse as the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, Jeremy Clarkson, and their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Creating national results


/Together has successfully driven national recognition across all of its campaigns so far:

ICM Polling showed the Thank You /together event had 68% awareness, with 14m participants across the United Kingdom, Talk /together was the biggest survey focused on what unites and divides us with 150,000 participants and Let’s Share Christmas /together resulted in a 70% increase in volunteer calls versus the previous month to The Royal Voluntary Service.